Eagle T-Shirts

The Decorah Fish Hatchery has been a popular place this spring with all of the visitors stopping by to see the now famous bald eagles of internet fame thanks to Bob Anderson and the Raptor Resource Project.  The Friends of the Decorah Fish Hatchery has teamed up with the Raptor Resource Project and artist Verdayle Forget to offer T-shirts for sale commemorating the "Decorah Fish Hatchery Eagles". The proceeds from the sale of each T-shirt go to the Friends of the Decorah Fish Hatchery to improve educational kiosks and facilities at the hatchery, which will include a video link to the nest cam and educational information about the eagles. To view the eagle cam, go to www.raptorresource.org  

D12 & D14 Memorial T-Shirt
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Shirt text reads: "In Memory of D12 & D14"

2012 Decorah Eagles T-shirt
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